“Words” Unspoken ‘Til Now

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I am going to share some “words” that have remained “silent” in my camera ‘til now.

Last September 18th, after a drive through spectacular mountain vistas, I suffered what doctors referred to as a “catastrophic bleed”. The team at the small Jasper hospital were able to stabilize me and send me by helicopter to the University of Alberta hospital in Edmonton.

It was touch and go. Twenty-seven units of blood and 7 ½ weeks later My wife drove me home from the hospital. The last thing on my mind was my camera and the photos we took that day. I recently discovered those photos on the camera Shirley had tucked away while I was in rehab. It took a pretty major event to make me forget about photos! But here, at last, are a few for you to enjoy.